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What is My ID?

Once you have created an My ID (Your email address) on Discs Japan website, 
you can order our products and access your Discs Japan on-line store Order History and Your Account Information

How to create an My ID account on Discs Japan?

You will need to fill your details to create your ID when you order our product .
Your email address which you registered on Discs Japan will be your ID.

Can I buy online without registration on Discs Japan?

You need to register on Discs Japan to buy our products.

Can I have more than one My ID account?

Yes, but it is not recommended as you will not be able to view 
your complete order history under the same your ID account.
Please note, your ID accounts can not be merged.

I forgot my ID account password.

If you forgot your password, are having trouble signing in, or are locked out of your account, 
Please "click here" to reset your password.

Enter the email you used to create this account and 
choose one question for your password and write the answer for your questions.
Please keep the answer in you mind.
You must to use when you re-sign in your account.

Then, click   Send your Password to your email address  

Once the email arrives, keep the temporary password and sign-in your account again.
You may be asked the question as you chose before you reset your previous password.
Please change the password after signing in.
If you still haven't received the email, it is possible that your email address 
could have been entered incorrectly when creating your account.
Unfortunately,there is not a way to correct this from your end, so you will need to contact us.

How do I change my ID account details?

It is easy to change your address and phone number.
Just click on 'Sign In / Order Tracking' at the top of Discs Japan page and sign in.

Once signed in, and click 'Your Account Information', 
you can review and edit your personal information.