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How can I change my address ?

Once your order has been prepared for dispatch or has been dispatched,
we may be unable to change the delivery address.
If the order is with the carrier you can contact them directly and 
they will amend your delivery address where possible.

To avoid the situation, please check your address properly before ordering 
or let us know as soon as possible.

Return your order due to incomplete address.

You may be asked to pay the shipping cost, if you wish us to send your order again.

We also can cancel your order.
Please note that we will refund for only your item cost.

Return your order due to storage period is passed.

You may be asked to pay the shipping cost, if you wish us to send your order again.

We also can cancel your order.
Please note that we will refund for only your item cost.

What happens if I missed my delivery?

If you are not at home for a postal delivery or your order cannot be delivered,
a card with collection details will be left for you.
In most cases, you can collect your order from the Postal Delivery Office 
where it is being held and you may be able to arrange a re-delivery.

If you will not arrange a re-delivery in the storage period, 
your order will be returning to us automatically.
Please note that we will not re-send to you 
unless you pay the shipping cost again.

What happens if I received damaged or defective orders?

If you have received your order and find that it is damages, please contact us.

In case of any damage to your delivery, we will ask Japan post to investigation to
find what causes the damages to your order.
Be sure to provide the following details:

Your Web Order Number
A contact email address
The condition of the item
Delivered date
Pictures of the damages
In order to receive compensation, you have to fill a damage report at a post office in your town.
Please keep the receipt number of the damage report and let us know.

As soon as the investigation is done, you will have the refund for your damaged item from Japan post.

If you are having trouble with your product or believe it is defective,
please let us know immediately to report your defective product.

You may be asked to send us documentations as pictures or sound clips, 
or return your order us to confirm. 

Cancellations, returns and refunds

Please contact us to cancel your order.
If it has not yet shipped, we will fully refund to your PAYPAL account.

If it is preparing for shipment or already in transit,
please refuse to obtain your order or return it to us.
Please note that you may be liable for a return transportation charge.

You can return items to us with 14 calendar days of receiving your order.
We only accept unused and unopened products.
Be sure to provide the following details:

Your Web Order Number 
A contact email address

Once we received your item, a refund is initiated immediately.
Please note that we will not refund for 
the first shipping cost and return transportation charge,
if the reason of return is the customer's personal preference.

We also will not refund , if we receive a damaged or opened product.
So, please pack your products very carefully.

If you would like to exchange your order, you have to return it to us.
We will send the replacement item after we receive it.
If the item is already no longer available, we will refund.

Suspension of International Mail Service.

There may be a delay or suspension in mail delivery for some country/area
due to international situation.
You can check your country situation from the link below.

We aim to contact you if there is a suspension in mail delivery 
for your country/area as soon as possible.

Suspension of Mail Service to Ukraine(02/Nov,2017)

We extremely regret to inform that we will not able to ship any items to all of the states of Ukraine at all. 
According to Japan Post, there is a restriction of shipping in particular places 
mainly Crimean peninsula since its difficulty of delivery in Ukraine. 
However, Japan Post started to reject any deliveries to all of the areas in Ukraine . 
We definitely do welcome orders but we are completely blocked any ways to dispatch parcels to Ukraine.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours faithfully,

date of update: 02 Nov 2017