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Scheduled Release  Febuary 7th 2018  
Royal Hunt who plays overwhelming beauty melody returning to its origin and
a new work that resurrected a heavy sound that nods fans!

Since debut in 1993, in Japan, "a noble classic metal singer who is endorsed as a savior and Andre · Andersen A studio new album after about two years since 'Royal Hunt' released 'DEVIL'S DOZEN' released in 2015! Since

DC Cooper, popular as a charismatic vocalist in Japan, returned to the band in 2011, The popularity of the heyday reignited, I performed in LOUD PARK 15 and solo show in Japan alone, and now the momentum of the former year is fully regained!

This work releases the feature in the milestone of debut 25th anniversary New's album !!
as "Deluxe Edition" is scheduled to launch in two forms of the "Limited Edition", deluxe edition includes valuable video such as music video With matches was DVD!
Furthermore Deluxe board is expected to release !! at SHM-CD

Japan pre-release / bonus track 1 songs / Deluxe Edition is SHM-CD + DVD (recorded making and music video)
track listing
1. Fistful of Misery
2. The Last Soul Alive
3. Sacrifice
4. The Wishing well
5. Cast in Stone
6. A · Million · Weise · To · Die
7. Rest in Peace
8. Save Me II
9. Wasted Time (Official Bootleg) (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)

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