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【 Power Metal 】Lords Of Black - the third album "Icons of the New Days" will be released

Born and raised in Chile, moved to Spain from 2008, Ronnie Romero, who moved across various bands and formed a new band with Tony Hernando is a technologist guitarist who got acquainted through Ronnie James Dio's tribute live.
After that Andy C (ds) and Victor Duran (b) who were playing together in the band called Tony and Saratoga were called Rose of Black and Rolando known for Halloween and master plan activities · Grapo will be co-producer, making his debut in the album "LORDS OF BLACK" (2014).

After releasing the album and after several live shows, appearances to the festival  in Spain, the band immediately started making the second album in May 2015.  Ronnie was Richie Blackmore's wife Candice suddenly receives contact via SNS. It was the content that he was interested because he was chosen as a candidate for Rainbow singer who was planning a revival live in 2016 from the Richie Blackmore camp who saw the movie site sung by Ronie. After that, after being auditioned, becoming a member of Rainbow, Rose of Black releases the second album "Rose of Black II" in March 2016.

After releasing the album, Ronnie will be a member of Richie Blackmoor's Rainbow 3 times in the UK, Germany etc. June 2016, Rose of Black will welcome the newly joined Javi Garcia (b) We will participate in "LOUD PARK 16" in October 2016 with a crew. After that, Ronnie recorded the album "The Ferry Men" (The Ferry Men) at The Ferrymen of the project of British live, Magnus Carlson (g) and Mike Terran (ds) in Richie Blackmoremore · Rainbow in June 2017 After the release of 2017), the base has been replaced by Dani · Cleared (b), and in August 2017 the solo exhibition will be realized alone. Although they said that 6 to 70 percent of the third album was recorded at this point, then Ronnie was a Japanese guitarist Nozomi Wakai's project: Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA's new work "Metal Souls" (2018 Also scheduled to be recorded on May 23), this time, Rose of Black completed the third album "Icons of the New Days".

This work, which was produced by co-producing Tony Hernando and Roland Grappau as well as the past two works, starts with the first track "Instrumental 's prelude" World Gone Mad ", about 11 and half minutes of the last Up to the masterpiece "All I Have · Left", melodies with hooks and songs that are deep are attractive for every song. Ronnie's powerful singing, Tony's artistic guitar solo, etc. It's full of listening excitement and it can be said that it was finished in a force demonstrating the growth of the band. Bonus CD also includes unreleased songs in addition to Queen, Anthrax, Bruce Dickinson, Cover of Journey.

Release date : 2018/05/09

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