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Paul McCartney - SHM-CD paper Jake & Analog reprinted 4 titles series

Paul McCartney's 2018 Catalog reprinted 4 works will be released on May 18th. The work is "NEW", "Chaos & Creation in the Backyard", "Wings, Greatest Hits", "Sri Licenton"(Importing board is digipak only, Japanese version for the first time Paper jacket specification) and 180 g board LP (black board) will be released.

"NEW" and "Chaos & Creation in the Backyard" analog board LP will be released for the first time since the original release. Each appeared in 180g 12 x 12 inch inserts include download cards.
The LP of "Wings, Greatest Hits" contains 20 x 30 inch posters and include download cards.

And, although it was recorded in 1971, "Sri Licenton" which was released in 1977 was one of the works which unfolds even among McCartney's famous discography. This album is released with a pseudonym credit called Percy "Thrills" Srirlington. The content of the album is a work of Paul and Linda McCartney rebuilt his work "Lamb" as an instrumental / jazz version. In the reissue of 2018, since it was released in 1977, it became a rare board among collectors, and this "Sillington" with a high price revived with the vinyl board which becomes the first since the original release. In this work also 180g weight board LP which download card is enclosed appears as a limited board.

Thrillington ~ Paul McCartney "RAM" Orchestra · Version

Paul McCartney's Percy 'Thrill' An orchestra performance work of 'Lamb' (1971), announced in Srirlington's pseudonym. Hypnosis is in charge of artwork. (1977 announcement)
[Domestic CD]
Hatsukami jacket of
the United Kingdom Limited Edition LP the Nichua reproduced paper jacket
inner scan with Reeve
band was a miniature reproduction as much as possible the Japan Limited Edition CD
remastered sound source / SHM-CD specification
English liner translation with
limited Edition

【Domestic Specification LP】
Direct import specification 180g Weight board LP (Black · vinyl)
Japan First Press Recording as far as possible CD Rewind
remastered sound source
English liner Translation  
Complete production limited edition

Release date 2018/05/18

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