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【PROGRESSIVE ROCK】 Goblin 40th anniversary commemoration SUSPIRIA 40 Year Anniversary Box Set

Scheduled Release:February 21, 2018
This limited edition will be released with a Japanese booklet / NTSC system DVD with 100 domestic specifications!
"Never, do not look alone
" The 40th anniversary of Goblin's masterpiece "Suspiria" is a masterpiece by Italian horror guru Dario Argento CD + 2 DVD + MC + 10 "+ LP total 6 Limited to 100 pieces as a set limited quantity box set!
Japan only Includes NTSC type DVD, Japanese booklet!

"Never, do not look by alone" Italian horror guru Dario Argent masterpiece movie The 40th anniversary of Goblin's masterpiece "Suspiria" is released as 100 CDs only as a CD + 2 DVD + MC + 10 "+ LP 6-Disc Quantity Limited Box Set! Japan only Includes NTSC DVD, Japanese Booklet !
horror movie guru Dario Argento Director Movies Soundtrack production studio name Italian lock has evolved from the unit band announcement from Italy Cinevox of "Goblin" The 1977 work 40 Anniversary Edition of "Suspiria" appeared as a CD + 2DVD + MC + 10 " + LP6 Disc Limited BOX SET!
This board is to circulate as the whole world 350 set Limited Edition earlier, blink of an eye between Successfully secured 100 hard-to-obtain box sets that disappeared from the market In addition to CD + DVD 2-sheet specification board, '77 years original · analog pop board pop-up specification deformation jacket also reproduced 180g Weight board limited analog Includes reprint board and limited cassette and color / vinyl (Red) specification 10 inch single containing nine bonus tracks recorded on the 40th anniversary board CD.
While listening to the original specifications reprints of the DVD which included the documentary "SUSPIRIA: Behind the soundtrack" containing the interview with the band member and the movie director Dario Argento of the same work while interwoven with the original work cut photograph of 77 years naturally The board is already sold out / super hard to obtain analog reprint board, cassette which can only be obtained with this book box anymore and 10 inch single is inevitable mania. Of course, CD / analog board / cassette / master of 10 inch singles uses the new remastering sound source by Claudio Fuano, CD is recorded as' bonus' in '09 Rambling Records CD CD 'Suspiria (Celesta & Bells) '' Suspiria (Narration) '' Suspiria (Intro) '' Markos (Alternate Version) '' Suspiria (Alternate Take) '' Suspiria (Intro # 2) '' Suspiria (Original Main Titles) '' Witch (Film Version) ' 'Markos (Alternate Version # 2)' added.
CD / DVD / MC / 10 "The booklet also enclosed with 2 booklets of luxury 64P booklets that posted a commentary on this work by Fabio Capuzo who wrote the Goblin · History book, / LP / booklet (2 kinds) are stored in a special hard case.The limited edition which additionally encloses DVD of NTSC system only for Japan specification additionally.

Remaster / CD + 2DVD + MC + 10 "+ LP total 6 pairs (DVD is only available in limited quantities) / compatible with 2ch Stereo (DVD only) / 9 bonus songs included (CD only) / English subtitles One PAL system and one NTSC system) / English / Italian booklet of 64 pages each 1 / Japanese booklet (translation: Yoshiko Kase)】[Enclosure sample image]

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