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【KPOP】BTS (Bangtan Boys) Present "Don't Leave Me" the theme song to the drama starring Kentaro Sakaguchi as heard on the live broadcast of "ALL NIGHT NIPPON GOLD with Kentaro Sakaguchi"

South Korean boy band, BTS are singing the theme song to "Signal" A Japanese remake drama starring actor Kentaro Sakaguchi. One chorus is set to play during the live broadcast of "ALL NIGHT NIPPON GOLD" set to broadcast at 10pm on the 16th of March.
When asked about the song, Mr Sakaguchi commented "It's a remarkably delicate and tense song. It made me feel like I was peeking into the unstable and dangerous mind of Kento (his character). Perfect for the tone of this drama and I'm looking forward to matching it's tone with the drama."

This is a song fans alike will not want to miss.

▼Radio Program Information
Airing in Japan. [ALL NIGHT NIPPON GOLD with Kentaro Sakaguchi]
16th March 2018 (Friday) 22:00~24:00(Internet broadcast will end at 23:50)
※“Don't Leave Me”First time on air


Fuji TV Drama [SIGNAL]
10th April 2018(Tuesdays)21:00~
Starring: Kentaro Sakaguchi
Theme song: BTS -“Don't Leave Me”


▼Release Information
Available 4th April 2018(Wednesday)

Check out the link below!

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