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Johnny Cash New unreleased poetry luxurious new recording "Johnny Cash: Forever Words" will be released soon!

A newly recorded album based on the unpublished poetry collection of Johnny Cash published in November 2016 in the United States [FOREVER WORDS: THE UNKNOWN POEMS]. Different artists are offering songs one by one. The poetry which became the origin of this project was compiled based on poems, lyrics and letters discovered after Johnny Cashy 's death in 2003 and is best selling in North America.

Participating artists started daughter Rosanne · Cash and was in charge of music at Willie Nelson, Chris Christopherson, Elvis Costello, Chris Cornell, John Melen Camp, biography movie "Walk the Line" (05) T. Born · Burnett, Allison · Klaus & Union Station and others Roots · Music also has big names from the world. Robert Grasper participates from the new generation jazz world.

A new life is being blown into that by the lively artists who inherit the spirit of Johnny Cash, which continues to be supported by a wide range of fans beyond genre. The fourth song is one of the last recordings by Chris Cornell who died last May.

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