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【Jazz】Melody Gardot, "Live in Europe"

This work, which will be the first 2 CDs, celebrates the successful live melody running around the world, recording performance until 2012 - 2016, finished in a work full of hits. Melody itself serves as a curator, but the representative song "Baby I'm A Fool" loved by fans (Vienna in 2013, London recording in 2016), "My only thrill" (2012 Barcelona Recording), "Rezetoire - Shooting star" (recorded in London in 2016), "March for Mingas" (Utrecht recording in 2016), and so on. Melody speaks like this. My heart is packed in this album. The love of my heart and all the people who have supported us so far. This is a great gift for me. Many memories are packed. And it is also a gift to everyone of the listeners. To put it briefly, I feel a long appreciation to everyone. I am grateful to everyone forever.
A wonderful voice with immersive presence that brings out both strength and grace, a basic attitude to people, a piece called Melody Gardot. In the music world, it is said that it is an artist who had a rare combination of talent and musical sophistication that she had born, by grasping the audience's mind with ease, listening to the state of grasping in the palm of your hand with this work You will be able to make recognition instantly. A jacket picture that may be even seemingly shocking. Melody suggested that the artist himself suggested this shoot from the inspiration that he wanted to express that he was in the most vulnerable situation when standing on the stage and that he was taking all of his soul and emotions as it is.

【recorded music】

(Disc 1)
01. Our Love Is Easy (Live in Paris / 2012)
02. Baby I'm A Fool (Live in Vienna / 2013)
03. The Lane (Live in Bergen / 2013)
04. Deep in the heart (Live in Amsterdam / 2012)
05. So long · (Live in Frankfurt / 2012)
06. My only thrill (Live in Barcelona / 2012)
07 . Lisbon (Live in Lisbon / 2015)
08. Beyond the Rainbow (Live in Zurich / 2013)

(Disc 2)
01. Monologue: Special Spot (Live in London / 2016)
02. Baby I'm A Fool (Live in London / 2016)
03. Rezettoire - Shooting Star (Live in London / 2016)
04. Goodbye (Live in Utrecht / 2016)
05. Monologue: Chao Baby (Live in Utrecht / 2016)
06. March for Mingas (Live in Utrecht / 2016)
07. Bad News (Live in Utrecht / 2016)
08. Comfort Me (Live in Amsterdam / 2015)
09. Morning Sun (Live in Paris / 2015)

Release date

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