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【 JAZZ】Duduka Da Fonseca releases "Plays Dom Salvador"

Born in 1951 from Rio de Janeiro, regular work with Homero Rubambo "Trio da pass", not only in Brazil, Latin, but also based in NY, Duduca da Fonseka continue recording with numerous masterpieces and recording , Don Salvador collection of his own trio.

Piano is David Feldman who is now indispensable in Brazilian samba jazz scene. Base is Gut Wilcci who participates in works of numerous Brazilian popular music, including Duo with Yamandou Costa. This trio is a regular trio from Fonseca's leader "Plays Toninho Horta" (2011), "New Samba Jazz Directions" (2013), "Jive Samba" (2015) also by the same member.

Don Salvador is a pianist who formed a well-known trio with Sergio Bajozo and Edison Machado in history. They celebrated the 400th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro City in 1965 and released the first album "Rio 65". The album is still being heard as a historic masterpiece, but for Fonseca it seems to have been the most influential work of life. At the time, the 14-year-old Fonseca learned Brazilian music and American jazz by playing it with LP, especially that this album was played for many years, day and night.

Salvador moved to NY in 1973 and Fonseca in 1975. Although I had no opportunity to meet in a few years, in 1980, as drum mashard could not play, Fonseka was nominated by Salvador himself for the first time. Although surprised by sudden nomination, Fonseca, who had been studying Salvador music since the age of 14, played as if he was already a band member of Salvador in the rehearsal and surprised him a lot. Since then, the two played together and co-starred until now. In addition to releasing works, even at commemorative concerts at Carnegie Hall in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of "Ri o 65", he is performing on behalf of Machado who passed away in 1990.

This work is a work in which such Fonseca played the music of Don Salvador with his own trio as a friend who is respectful and respectful as a friend.

Feldman's light touch and Virucci's crispness make a perfect match for Fonseca's music. Salvador's songs are rhythmical and melodic, and among them there are also beautiful ballads of the third song, and the eighth song is also a ballad, and this is a cellist who celebrates
a masterpiece Jakis · Morerenbaum, who plays with various artists such as Egberto · Gismontchi and Sting You can listen to the melody of.

Release date: 10th April ,2018

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