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【JAZZ/CLASSICAL PIANO】KEITH JARRETT - The Legendary Live recording of the 1998 'After the Fall'

Keith Jarrett, recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome returned to the stage in 1998 after a break from his 1996 solo tour. The live recordings of his legendary return have finally arrived!

This performance was incredibly popular and the recording of it alone is a treat for the ears much like the famous 'Whisper Not' performance in Paris on the 5th of July 1999.

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette 『After The Fall』

1 The Masquerade Is Over (Live)
2 Scrapple From The Apple (Live)
3 Old Folks (Live)
4 Autumn Leaves (Live)

1 Bouncin’ With Bud (Live)
2 Doxy (Live)
3 I’ll See You Again (Live)
4 Late Lament (Live)
5 One For Majid (Live)
6 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Live)
7 Moment’s Notice (Live)
8 When I Fall In Love (Live)

Recorded live at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre - 14/11/1998

Check out the link below!

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