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【 Heavy Metal 】Anthrax - live DVD + 2-Disc Live CD "Kings Among Scotland" will be released in April

"Kings Among Scotland" is the latest live DVD by Anthrax. In the tour accompanying the eleventh album "For All Kings" released in 2016, Scottish always returns enthusiasticly, he shot and recorded at the venue "Barrowland Ballroom" in Glasgow, I decided to produce a new live DVD work.

The live on the day was held in two parts. In the first part, early popular songs such as "Mad House", "Be All, End All", "AIR", "Medusa" and "Breathing · Lighting "," Brad Eagle · Wings "," Evre Twin "etc. The second part plays the third album" Amang the Living "which is a successive work for the band from the beginning to the end It attracted a great deal of attention from metal heads all over the world.

On that day, we took pictures with 17 cameras, and from various angles they can enjoy live performances as well as interviews with each member and footage of off-stage etc. Also included on ANTHRAX on the It shows that the state of the road can be seen from all viewpoints. The artwork is based on the love KISS '1976 announcement album' Rock and Roll Over 'as a motif, and one of that shows the playfulness still breathing on their creative side.

Release date

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