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【Hard Rock】Audrey Horne - 6th Album Blackout (Import Edition)

When they announced the 4 track EP "Confessions & Alcohol" in 2005 and the debut album "No HayBanda", the band received the Norwegian Grammy award in the following year. However in an environment where it is never good to surround the band, they could not do as many lives as they wanted. On the other hand the reaction of the audience is always good, and they nominated for the Best Metal Act category at Norway's Grammy Award in 2008  again. Although the initial work was a work that in an alternate rock style, nevertheless the third album "Audrey Horne" released in 2010 drastically changed to an authentic hard rock style. In 2013, they announced the full album "Young Blood" which is the fourth piece of total.

Audrey Horne has released five albums so far. Some members are participating in the bands of Black Metal and Extreme Metal, but the music of Audrey Horne is quite different from them.
It's a classic rock which also leads to early kisses and van Halen. And the feeling of the sound which diluted the elements of the blues also insinuate NWOBHM in the early 1980s.

Even the 6th work "Black Out" is full of good quality hard rock numbers that transcend time. A crying phrase and a strong singing of "This Is War" are the impressive, and in the 70's American Rock-like "Audrevolution" and "Midnight Man", British Metal-like "California", "Naysayer". And regardless of the genre, this work is a must listen as the music fans.

Release Date : 2018/01/12
1.This Is War
4.This One
5.Midnight Man
6.Light Your Way
10.Rose Alley
12.End, The

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