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【Classic Rock】 The Jeff Beck Group the Lost BBC sessions 1967

The Jeff Beck Group

Jeff Beck (The Jeff Beck Group) who raised the evaluation with a genius guitar work as a member of the yard birds, firstly a solo single song "Hi Ho Silver" by the agility manager Mickey Most, after a group withdrawal from 1966 Lining ", which recorded a smash hit. Jeff, who also moved to form a new band at the same time, formed his own band Jeff Beck group with Rod Stewart as a vocalist and Ron Wood as a base. Recorded precious live recorded by BBC broadcasting in 1967 just before the formation, in total from 3 appearances in order of appearance. In the song "Hi Ho Silver Lining" that was assigned by an external composer, Jeff was not familiar with Vocal as well as Double Track Recording (to explore the Beatles and make it possible to record on BBC too) and challenged the guitar · Solo is a sharp phrase that can only be Beck, but it is overwhelmingly locking performance compared to the official single board.
And the recording of those who participate in Rod Stewart will be the all-take including original rock hard rock, "Rock My Prim Soul", "Superstitious Dislike", "Let Me Love You" Powerful performance with loud as it is called. As symbolizing the search band, numerous unreleased songs have also been performed, including full-blues blues "Stone Cold Crazy", Four Tops cover "Loving You I Sweeter Than Ever", and the biggest surprise is Burt Bacharach Song of the cover "You'll Never Get to Heaven" When Jeff's explosion code is sounded, the main melody progresses to the a cappella chorus by the members, with the base solo of Ron Wood inherited from the inherited rod, mostly soft rock An ambition inevitable in an atmosphere. Also included are valuable live performances such as "Beck's Bolero" by Jimmy Pageing, Super Heavy "You Shuk Me" which is said to have had a great influence on ZEP. Sound sources with slightly problematic sound (track 5, 11, 12, 13, 14) are also included, but still trying to record from the master discovered in recent years. As a bonus, from the live at London Marquee Club, Elmor James' cover "Talk To Me Baby" and Ron Wood's Gorigor Bass also played an active part "Jeffs · Boogie" including four additional songs.

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【recorded music】

Saturday Club, rec. Date: March 7, 1967

01.Hi Ho Silver Lining (Jeff Beck Vocal)
02.Let Me Love You
03.I Know I'm Losing You
04.Stone Cold Crazy *
05.I Is not Superstitious
06.Jeff Beck interview

Saturday Club, rec. Date: July 4, 1967

07. Rock My Plimsoul
08.I Think I'll Be Leaving Early This Morning
09. Tallyman (Jeff Beck Vocal)

TopGear, rec. Date: Nov. 1, 1967

10.I Is not Superstitious
11.Beck's Bolero
12.You'll Never Get To Heaven
13.You Shook Me
14.Loving You I Sweeter Than Ever

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