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【CLASSIC ROCK】Johnny Winter "Beginnings 1960-1967" (2CD)

Before signing a major agreement with Columbia, reissued valuable sounds recorded from 1960 to 1967 and summarized it, it is a pleasing reissue with changing the titles of the initial sound collection of 2003 release!

There are also unexpected covers such as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, James Brown and Ray Charles as well as a variety of original such as Electric Bruce, R & B, Early Rock Tune. A young dollar guitarist with a million dollars gathered overflowing initial impulses of 40 songs on 2 CDs.
track listing
CD 1
1. Ice Cube
2. School Day Blues
3. You Know I Love You
4. Geisha Rock
5. Oh My Darling
6. Creepy
7. One Night of Love
8. Hey Hey Hey Hey
9. That's What Love Does
10. Shed So Many Tears
11. Voo Doo Twist
12. Ease My Pain
13. By the Light of the Silvery Moon
14. Road Runner
15. The Guy You Left Behind
16. Five After Four Am
17. Stay By My Side
18. Broke and Lonely
19. Crying in My Heart
20. Crazy Baby


1. Reeling and Rocking
2. Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
3. Gangster of Love
4. Eternally
5. You'll Be the Death of Me
6. Leave My Woman Alone
7. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
8. Hello My Lover
9. I Had to Cry
10. I Won't Believe It -
11. Gone for Bad
12. Bad News
13. Out of Sight
14. Parchman Farm
15. Tramp
16. Don't Hide It
17. Avocado Green
18. Easy Lovin' Girl
19. Birds Can't Row Boats
20. Leavin' Blues

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